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White label GPS tracking platform

Offer asset tracking and fleet management

Dashcam comparison for video telematics


Three out of ten engines run on stolen fuel. How did Neotecnik decide to stop this problem?

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White label App Tracker

Create flexible solutions for field personnel

Sales force


Track and digitize sales force operations

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Advanced fleet management

Success story: Optimization and Maintenance Control


Program and manage all fleet maintenance and generate budgets without the need for additional personnel

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Security for all types of assets

GPS tracking focused on security: 2023 guide


Discover the top 20 solutions and tools for tracking, security, and end customers

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Analysis and increase of productivity

Use case: Optimizing operations in mining


Discover how a virtual copilot in MDT terminals meets safety regulations and optimizes operations

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Asset performance optimization

Use Case: Cold chain traceability with Bluetooth


How efficient cold chain control drastically reduces losses and damages to goods?

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The full potential of RedGPS in a smartphone

Benefits of a Tracking App for your clients


One of the most critical activities in logistics management is asset control...

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Operational business task management

Manage all aspects of your business


Partners is the platform for RedGPS clients and distributors from which they can manage all...

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Hardware Integrations

Success story: Detect and prevent fuel theft


Three out of ten engines run on stolen fuel. How did Neotecnik decide to stop this problem?

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Why do GPS tracking companies migrate platforms?


With the right tools and guidance, migration represents an improvement in the service you provide to your customers and strengthens your position against the competition

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The most complete information reporting and processing system.

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Report System 

Information is more valuable when it is processed. OnReport is a complete report system which processes and converts all the data requested from one period of time into useable information and presents it in PDF and Excel format.

Mesa de trabajo 18-100-2More than 70 reports ready to be used

Mesa de trabajo 21-100Automatable, Configurable and Customizable

Mesa de trabajo 22-100Can be exported in Excel and PDF

Enables both your operators as well as your customers to know key data, analyze behavior, respond to audits, and make decisions.

It keeps the most commonly used reports, and programs their execution

OnReport keeps the reports that the operators use the most, maintaining their parameters and configurations so that they can be executed rapidly. 

Both your operators and your customers can program which reports are to be created and sent automatically by email.


14 Categories of Reports 

OnReport has more than 70 types of reports classified into 14 different categories each of which is related to a platform or function of our ecosystem. 

Your customers will have reports covering: Assets, Alerts, Drivers, Passenger Counter, Places, Maintenance, OSD, Sensors, Safety, Rounds, Routing, OnBus, OnDelivery and OnDriving.


Totally Configurable 

In each report, date ranges, assets, consultation parameters, and the columns that will be included, as well as the downloading format can be configured. 

If you or your customers need a customized report from any platform regarding any event or solution in particular, you can request it from Account Manager, which will also help you to relay the information requirements that your customers may have. 

Offer them to your customers! 

OnReport is the most complete report system in the industry and is totally free; included in all the platforms that your customers contract.