Administrates and manages all the aspects related to the maintenance of a fleet with budget control, service orders, workshop registers, inspection forms, reports and more.

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A powerful maintenance platform 

OnTool is a white label platform of RedGPS for managing and administrating all the aspects related to the maintenance of a fleet; from parts and spare parts to preparing reports. Your customers DO NOT need any additional software, and will be able to have all their registers and files in the Cloud instead of on paper like before. 

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Programs all types of maintenance

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Administrates and controls budgets 

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Issues service orders 

Modern and Intuitive Design 

Is equipped with a Dashboard that makes it easy to use the platform with boxes that summarize the information regarding the maintenance already performed, preventive maintenance (with its status of alerted, pending, and cancelled), questionnaires, workshops, providers and direct accesses to each module, as well as cost graphs. 


Your customers will have all the information they need; well organized and displayed on the same screen.

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance 

OnTool keeps a detailed record of all preventive and corrective maintenance that must be performed on the units. The operator programs the maintenance plan of each asset based on the number of kilometers traveled, hours of engine use, or the days since the last inspection. 

It also manages maintenance not programmed by the operator, that arises in the day to day activity, which can be required by the driver himself from his Smartphone.


Service Orders 

When preventive or corrective maintenance must be performed, the platform generates a service order with the specifications of the tasks to be carried out, the providers, the form of payment, the parts and their costs, among other details. 

In order for the work to be done, the service orders are printed out in PDF format, and your customers can consult the status of each one and its history on the platform.

Expenses Per Vehicle and Per Type of Service 

OnTool enables your customers to keep a detailed control of each maintenance expense by registering each invoice issued by providers or workshops together with the concepts and total cost of each service with the objective of delivering a management report of the fleet maintenance to the customers. 

It also keeps control of expenses per type of maintenance and per vehicle making it possible to know in which more money is spent.

Forms and Questionnaires 

Excellent functions, which take OnTool beyond conventional tool levels, are dynamic forms which are forms or questionnaires that the operators or supervisors create on the platform and are sent automatically, manually, or programmed to the drivers, mechanics, or field personnel who receive them in AppTracker installed in their Tablet or Smartphone.

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The forms have an infinite number of applications; from gathering immediate information from the drivers on route regarding any situation; be it mechanics or safety, up to generating check lists covering each aspect to be monitored in the workshop (walk around check), in such a way that the mechanics carry out the inspection, fill out the forms, write their comments, and send the results to the platform.We recommend your visiting this interface to know more about the verification checklists.

Register of Workshops, Providers, and Parts 

In OnTools, your customers can register the workshops they hire as well as have a database of the providers who participate in the maintenance chain. 

They can also keep a register containing the costs of the parts they already have whether in their internal workshop, or in general the parts used for maintenance in external workshops so as to be able to prepare budgets and control expenses.  


Reporta and Alerts 

Your customers can configure alerts and notifications regarding the next maintenances or the ones already due and receive them on the platform, by email, SMS, or as a notification on the AppMpbile. 

They can also generate reports covering the results of the maintenances carried out and know the expenses associated with each asset including providers used and the participating workshops. 

Offer your customers an ecosystem solution 

OnTool is a platform developed with the necessities and requirements of the fleets in mind; which is why your customers will be extremely satisfied. Moreover, it is part of the RedGPS ecosystem which enables us to offer not only tracking services, but also a set of solutions perfectly integrated among themselves so that your company can enjoy more business opportunities and set itself apart from the competition.


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