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Dashcam comparison for video telematics


Three out of ten engines run on stolen fuel. How did Neotecnik decide to stop this problem?

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Track and digitize sales force operations

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Advanced fleet management

Success story: Optimization and Maintenance Control


Program and manage all fleet maintenance and generate budgets without the need for additional personnel

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Security for all types of assets

GPS tracking focused on security: 2023 guide


Discover the top 20 solutions and tools for tracking, security, and end customers

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Analysis and increase of productivity

Use case: Optimizing operations in mining


Discover how a virtual copilot in MDT terminals meets safety regulations and optimizes operations

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Asset performance optimization

Use Case: Cold chain traceability with Bluetooth


How efficient cold chain control drastically reduces losses and damages to goods?

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The full potential of RedGPS in a smartphone

Benefits of a Tracking App for your clients


One of the most critical activities in logistics management is asset control...

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Operational business task management

Manage all aspects of your business


Partners is the platform for RedGPS clients and distributors from which they can manage all...

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Success story: Detect and prevent fuel theft


Three out of ten engines run on stolen fuel. How did Neotecnik decide to stop this problem?

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Monitors and controls the patrols of guards, police and security guards, with a mobile application and a dashboard on a platform that connects to the Monitoring Center.  
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Schedules and controls security patrols

OnPatrol is a solution that manages and monitors security patrols and inspections in real time. It is perfect for auditing and controlling in real time the work of guards, security guards and police officers in the public and private sectors. It works in conjunction with AppTracker 4.4.4, so your customers don't need to invest in new hardware or waste time on expensive implementations. All they need is a smartphone. 


Replaces expensive hardware


Apps for the guards

codigo qr

Validation with QR codes

Dashboard for supervisors

Supervisors have a dashboard to program and control the status of each patrol, generate effectiveness reports and receive alerts. In a dashboard they can visualize the status of all the patrols, as well as have a timely monitoring of the patrols in process, those created and their history.

Measuring the effectiveness of the patrols is very easy, because the dashboard shows with different colors the progress of each one, and allows the guards to be reached at all times with their monitoring center through the AppTracker.



Tour Scheduling

The operator can program in advance each tour and its frequency. With the configuration of alerts on the screen or via email, the operator can be notified when the patrols are about to start or end, if they are delayed and when the verification of the Tag or QR codes is done at the right place and time.


Validations and verification with QR codes

The operator can print the QR codes to identify the checkpoints where the guard will have to ensure that everything is correct.

Additional validations can also be added so that the codes can only be scanned at the place, day and time that has been defined, with the possibility of sending forms to the guards for their signed reports, and include voice notes, photographs, and even send emergency alerts via the panic button.

App for guards

In the AppTracker, guards can consult their agenda of scheduled tours for up to a week, report the real-time progress of each one, view the checkpoints, verify which ones have already been inspected and identify the status of each tour, with a bar that indicates its percentage of progress, as well as receive notifications when a tour is about to begin, is delayed or has already been completed.

Profiles for each guard

One of the great advantages is that OnPatrol is compatible with smartphones, which represents a considerable saving for your client, because the guards can share the same device and just by changing to their profile they will have the customization and modules they need, with their corresponding configurations and validations. It is the easiest way for different users to use the same equipment.

The technology associated with OnPatrol also makes it a tool for a company to manage its personnel in the field, because through the AppTracker they can check in and check out when they start their workday or when they take their breaks. The check in and check out can be validated only with the location where the personnel is or it can also have a double validation, the location plus a photo of the security guard.


Indoor and Outdoor patrols

OnPatrol verifies and monitors patrols outdoors through the GPS location of the device plus QR code scanning, and indoors from only QR code scanning and other IoT hardware that can report inside a building.

In addition, you can also request the integration of the devices that you or your customers need for their projects, and make the necessary custom developments



In any security-related activity, it is key to translate data analysis into reports that can be configured with customizable parameters.
Supervisors can request reports from the platform by configured patrol, by days of the week, by complete and incomplete checkpoints, by assigned guards and patrols, and more. With this information your customers can respond to audits and make sound decisions.


Monitoring Center

Guards and watchmen are always connected to and backed up by the Monitoring Center, with backup and communication at all times. OnPatrol is an ecosystem solution, which has advantages that no other technology or service can offer your customers, because you can offer a service that combines different platforms in a robust solution with high added value, capable of exceeding any expectation. 


Contact us with the form below so that our consultants can contact you and help you implement OnPatrol in your company, solve all your doubts or request a free trial.