Why choose RedGPS? 


We are people like you, and we want your business to thrive

RedGPS was founded in 2009 with the intention of developing a platform in Spanish that would not only render quality service, but also be able to compete globally. With the help of all our customers and Partners with whom we maintain an open dialogue in search of solutions and improvements, little by little we have achieved our goal; today RedGPS is considered to be one of the leading Latin American firms offering a business vertical white label platform for asset tracking and telemetry. And it is the truth, without the participation of each one of our Partners it wouldn't have been possible. 

We can sincerely say that our customers choose us because of our robust platform and after-sales one-on-one attention which we have always given top priorty. Our customers choose us because we listen to them and find solutions for their concerns and objectives which is our goal. Our Partners are the dynamo which drives us to investigate and develop new solutions and tools, incorporate technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in order to optimize an entire logistic process, or go beyond and search for new business opportunities for you in networks like SIGFOX and Orbcomm.

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One-on-One Support 24/7

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Totally Scalable

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Customized Reports

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Fair Price

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Dynamic Solutions

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Our Added Values

RedGPS' IoT ecosystem is the most complete in the industry with all the tools your customers need. We have developed our ecosystem taking into account the necessities and demands of companies from many different industries which compelled us to achieve completely flexible and scalable solutions with a solid value proposition that gives more to our customers. 

The SLA is essential for our industry, and one of the factors that concerns the tracking businessmen the most because service stability and availability depend on it; as well as critical issues such as security.

You can use our web services to communicate with other systems and platforms, or request the development of the web service you require. 

You can also use our API in your business projects and integrate the services of RedGPS with your own developments.

In RedGPS you have a software factory at your disposal to carry out all the customized developments that your business project requires. You don't have to contract third party developers anymore!

In RedGPS you always have someone to talk to. Our one-on-one technical support in Spanish 24/7 every day of the year is one of our greatest strengths.




Guaranteed SLA




Assets Reporting


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Homologated Devices







We homologate new devices and trackers without cost, which has allowed us to grow continuously. At this moment we have more than 1000 integrated GPS trackers, MDVRs, accessories, and sensors. 

If your device has not been homologated, request it!

You can connect any type of sensor or IoT device through networks such as Sigfox with applications in large scale projects.  

In addition, our integration with ORBCOMM enables you to propose machine to machine (M2M) communication solutions for tracking, monitoring and controlling fixed and mobile assets.

We have good news for those of you who are carrying out (or want to carry out) customized developments and projects with IoT hardware; you can establish MQTT connections to RedGPS!

The almost infinite number of applications of this protocol represents an enormous quantity of business opportunities.

You have access to webinars and tutorials that will help you to get the most out of RedGPS' ecosystem. 

You will also have access to white label marketing material that you can use in your advertising campaigns, or share with your customers.

Account Manager dedicated to your business 

When you are part of #Comunidad RedGPS, you are NOT alone. From the very first moment you have an Account manager dedicated to your company, who will train you and be on the lookout for anything you may need. 

Your Account manager is like your right hand in that it will support the projects that you have in mind or are already implementing. It will also mitigate the the necessities of a customized development that you need for your customers. Furthermore, it will be your communication channel with other areas of redGPS.

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The platform is quite agile. As of its implementation, we have improved the administration of the mobile and fixed assets. Apart from that, its constant development and evolution enables us to reach more fields of action thereby enhancing the possibilities of service for our customers.

Edward A.

Roca GPS, Columbia.

Security is our priority

Our servers have 5 certifications: SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II, SOC 3 Type II, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and PCI-DSS. You also have tools like double authentication to access our platforms and functions to do audits in order to verify the actions carried out by the users which affect the use of, or put the information at risk.



The following are some of the web services that we have developed for our customers.


Remember! With RedGPS Your Company Grows More!