The most complete white label GPS tracking and security platform oriented to IoT in the industry.

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The platform with the highest growth rate in Latin America (LATAM)

OnTracking is the RedGPS satellite tracking platform. A platform born in the cloud which complies with all the security and stability requirements that guarantee an SLA of 99%. It was developed in response to the necessities and demands of companies from diverse industries such as GPS tracking, security, mining, mobile business intelligence and more.

This makes OnTracking a flexible, scalable platform of rapid implementation for all industries, perfect for initiating or enhancing your company. 


All the tracking tools


Complete report system


Connects to any sensor and accessory


White label App for you and your customers


One on One technical support in Spanish 24/7

OnTracking is a MSAAS platform created with the philosophy that more than your software provider, we are your technological partner. In RedGPS we accompany you in the development of each project so that your company grows.


AppMobile: your platform from anywhere

By contracting OnTracking, your customers will be able to use our AppMobile which allows them as well as you to take the platform to any place. From the AppMobile you can consult the asset panel, know its location on the map, send commands, see the places and the itineraries with all their stops and events, configure geofences, receive alerts and more. 

Furthermore, the AppMobile is a white label application that can be customized with your company logotype; available for Android as well as for iOS. 

Nota IoT - aPP

Video Verification

OnTracking has a tool for video verification which enables the activation of the cameras inside a vehicle and perform video streaming in real time be it by means of an alert, an event, or on demand. It is a very powerful feature, ideal for security companies because it allows them to monitor the operation of the units, take action in the face of incidents, and also have the video as backup evidence. 

It is the most commonly adopted solution for combating insecurity in public transportation and has shown successful results in several Latin American cities. 

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Fuel Consumption Control

OnTracking has one of the best solutions for analyzing and controlling all the traceability of the fuel consumed by the vehicles during their runs. This solution detects and prevents fuel theft and functions by means of software or sensors. 

It is a precise tool due to the development of proprietary algorithms created specifically for the analysis of the physics in the interior of the fuel tank. 

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Tractors, semi-trailers, and containers

OnTracking can obtain the entire traceability of any type of trailer or semi-trailer even when they have been pulled by one or more tractors and do not have a GPS installed. 

It adapts perfectly to any kind of vehicle; such is the case that it is used by large shipping companies to supervise the routes of its containers, and know which tractor takes it and on which semi-trailer

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ADAS/DMS Technology

OnTracking incorporates ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) technology, an assistance system designed for safe driving which identifies potential risks such as an involuntary change of lane, possible collision, detection of pedestrians, among others; and the DMS (Driver Status Monitoring) system, an aide which recognizes signs of fatigue, distraction, and other behaviors that cause accidents. 

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OBD/ CAN Bus compatibility

Your customers can receive information and events from CAN Bus (Controller Area Network) and OBD II (On Board Diagnostics) for remote diagnosing and monitoring of their vehicles on the platform, or else trace the runs with the values of the sensors during this trajectory, or period of time and graphically consult any event that may require their attention immediately. 

Sensor Monitoring for Cold Chain 

OnTracking also has tools able to receive events from any kind of sensor and issue a performance certificate; an extremely useful function for refrigerated loads which are especially sensitive to any temperature variation thus enabling your customers to ensure integrity and quality. 

Our platform has more than 70 regulations and certification standards which the units must comply with such as temperature, humidity, door openings, jamming, decoupling of semi-trailers, and more so that your customer can ascertain whether or not incidents occurred during the transportation thereby avoiding the rejection of the loads. 


Should you want to know more about the applications of OnTracking regarding cold chain and how to work with large supermarket chains, we invite you to visit the following link.

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Mapping and Geocoding Premium 

To have mapping premium is important for updating and performance issues; in fact to be able to use Google Maps and Street View is a good added value to offer your customers.

Furthermore, this function is of great service when a fuel theft or events such as jamming have been detected, in order to be able to see the actual place and verify whether there are service stations nearby, abandoned construction sites, or places that can be used as a shelter or warehouse thereby giving certainty to the security teams and information concerning what to act on.


Kilometer Marker

OnTracking is the only platform that enables you to know at exactly which kilometer the units are located on the principal highways of Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Panama, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay,Guatemala,and Peru. 

This feature, unique to our platform, is the "Great Differentiator" and we continue working permanently in order to add more countries and new regions.

Monitoreo de neumáticos (TPMS)

OnTracking is oriented to IoT which allows it to be compatible with technologies like theTire-Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) which enables your customers to monitor the pressure and temperature of the tires in a reliable and precise manner by means of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) sensors and send all the information to the platform in order to monitor the condition of each tire in real time.

It is a solution widely demanded by companies that must minimize the risk factors which their fleets are subjected to and in addition try to find ways of reducing costs regarding freight and transport fleets, heavy machinery, mining, passenger buses, transportation of valuables, and more.

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White Label IoT Ecosystem

OnTracking is part of the RedGPS White Label IoT Ecosystem which makes it perfectly compatible with routing, security, logistics and service solutions. The solid character of our ecosystem is the key element with which our Partners differ from the competition and loyalize their customers. We invite you to visit our portfolio of solutions in order to know how you will drive and grow your business. 


OnTracking is a solid platform consolidated in the industry with all the tools and solutions necessary to ensure that your business will thrive. We invite you to accept our free trial offer to test and confirm that with RedGPS your company does more! 

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