Trailer Traceability

A complete solution to obtain the traceability of any type of trailer, even without any GPS device of its own. In addition, a perfect solution for cargo and container tracking.  

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Complete Semi-Trailer Traceability 

A complete solution for fleets that work with tractor trucks and trailers or semi-trailers and need to have all the complete traceability data of the semi-trailers even when they have been driven by one or more tractor trucks.  

It is part of our white label ecosystem; ready for you to offer it with your own logotype and perfectly integrated with all the set of solutions that make RedGPS the most solid and reliable provider in the market.


Complete Traceability


All Types of Semi-Trailers


Event Reports

Made with any kind of trailer in mind 

This solution was designed to obtain the traceability of any type of trailer be it a refrigerated trailer, motor home, dolly trailer, gondola trailer, cage trailer, flatbed, container trailers and in general any semi. This feature makes it possible for it to adapt perfectly to the vehicles and semis that your customers have, thereby making it totally versatile.  


Moreover, the different types of trailers are already uploaded in the platform so the only thing your customer has to do is select from a drop-down menu the type corresponding to the one to which he wants to register, choose the brand and complete some other data which will help to identify him clearly.   

Retransmission from Tractor to Trailer 

Even in the case where the semis don't have a GPS installed, your customer can obtain the complete route followed, regardless of the number of tractors that drove them.  

This is possible because we resend the information from the GPS of each tractor to the semi, which is represented on the platform as an asset with its corresponding icon.


GPS installed in Semi 

Should the opposite be the case and the trailers already have a GPS installed, the platform also takes the location data in order to trace the route on the map. 

Furthermore, it will receive the events and the alerts assigned to the device, and the semi will be seen as an asset with its corresponding icon.


Shipping Companies and Containers 

This solution is used by large shipping companies to monitor the route of their containers; be it by API or on the platform and also to know which tractor is taking them and in which trailer.  

In addition it is possible to specify how many containers and which ones each trailer will drive, which means the shipping companies have access to well-detailed information. 


Totally Flexible 

The work logic with which we design this solution has many advantages, because it is neither conditioned nor limited by the fact that the trailers or semi-trailers have an installed device or not, the number of containers driven by each semi , nor the objects or material they are hauling. 

This makes it possible for the solution to adapt perfectly to your customers' different ways of working, in addition to saving costs. 


Rapid Visual Identification 

One of the features that your customers will appreciate very much is visual representation, and at the same time detailed information. With only a click in the semi, the Advanced Detail unfolds with all the information regarding the trailer and the container it is hauling. 

Thus, with one quick look, they will have all the information they need. 


Traceability Reports 

Of course your customers will have reports informing them about events such as trailer couplings along the route, and others like traceability, distance, and other reports that they can obtain thanks to the fact that the platform considers the tractor as an additional asset.

New Tendencies New Opportunities 

Of course you can add other custom made features and developments to this solution in line with the necessities of your customers or hardware capability like automatic detection of couplings, sensors, etc.  

At the same time that you offer it to your customers, you also grant them access to the most complete ecosystem of solutions known to the industry so that they as well as you can empower your business operations and do more. 

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