Urban mobility platform for the management and dispatch of buses and transport systems with mobile applications for supervisors, or operators, and drivers.

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What is OnBus?

OnBus is RedGPS' white label platform for urban mobility. It enables one to carry out administrative work, control and dispatch of buses, and public transport systems in a rapid and simple manner, thereby optimizing and guaranteeing the quality of the service.

It is totally compatible with all our IoT ecosystem, which makes OnBus a solution of high added value because it works perfectly with our solutions regarding fuel control, driver behavior, and more. 

Mesa de trabajo 13-100-3Automatic Programming and Bus Assignment

Mesa de trabajo 14-100-2App for the driver and supervisor

Mesa de trabajo 15-100-2Controls the status of the trips and condition of the vehicles

Modernizes Public Transportation Systems

In general, public transportation systems lack organization. As a result the quality of the service is affected because they lack a system that can organize the dispatch of the units which in turn generates bad practices that threaten the safety of the passengers. In OnBus the departure of each unit as well as the frequency between departures and stops are programmed. If there is no specific departure order, the platform executes an automatic dispatch taking into consideration the order of arrival to the main base and the efficiency grading of the trip.

If the vehicle runs the same route everyday or on specific days, the operator can schedule the trip from those daily runs without the need of scheduling it point by point which means that the route doesn't have to be programmed everyday.. 


Automatic Assignment and Grading the Trip

OnBus evaluates the efficiency of the trip according to the arrival time at each point as well as the total time of the run. If the driver reaches all his stops and ends the run in a timely manner, the trip is considered efficient and he will obtain a positive grade; on the other hand, if there are delays the driver will have a negative evaluation.

As a result of this evaluation the dispatch will be carried out automatically assigning the driver a position in the departure line, be it by unit or by blocks, restarting the cycle with the same frequency and route that has been defined.


In addition to the automatic assignment, the operators can carry out the dispatch in the traditional manner by assigning the routes, stops, vehicles, and drivers manually point by point; or prepare a monthly routing schedule which would include all the road departure planning of an entire month, and if necessary make changes up to 5 minutes before the dispatch.

App OnDriver

In addition to a platform, OnBus has an App for drivers where they can consult their trips, see the places or stops where they must pass, and as they reach each one it is marked as fulfilled.

The drivers can also see their scores based on the estimated time against the real time that they completed their run, as well as receive messages from the supervisor or manager of the route.


OnControl App

With the supervisor App they can manage trips already underway, receive notifications, change or eliminate a vehicle within a group of units. view the condition and detail of the routes, verify sites and units, as well as reorganize the time schedules of the buses not in transit when it becomes necessary to eliminate a vehicle from the route, and more.

Smart Cities: safe and intelligent mobility

Companies and cities that are looking for solutions to modernize their transportation systems, be it public or private have in OnBus a platform whose focus on IoT ecosystem enables authorities and dealers to enhance the safety, quality,and efficiency of their service.

OnBus is a solution allied with all companies looking to win concessions or large scale projects related to mobility.

System of Fines

With OnBus, operators have reports directly. Visually, with colors, the platform identifies whether a unit arrives late or early to its stops or to the route in general.

According to the time the supervisor defines as late, for example 3 minutes, the system can issue a fine for each stop, or for the entire day and print a ticket with the arrival time at each base. It is a very useful tool which works extremely well for any fleet of buses or transportation system..

Status of the trips, condition of the vehicles, and the drivers' register

All the information that your customers and their operators need to manage and administrate their service is available in OnBus. In addition to the complete information regarding the trips,they can also consult everything related to the units, the number of vehicles on the road, which ones are available, programmed, or in the mechanics workshop. They can also enter their drivers in a database with their name, nickname, date of entry, photograph, ID, or driver's license, and other information.


Alerts, Notifications, and Reports

OnBus has a module which can program alerts and notifications based on events such as a panic button,exiting or entering a geofence, excessive speed, sudden acceleration or braking, and more. It can also send instantaneous notifications to the drivers by means of App OnDriver. The operators can also prepare or program reports.

Compatibility with Sensors

OnBus is compatible with sensors for the counting of passengers in order to know how many people got on the bus, and got off the bus, and how many are still aboard. It is also compatible with RFID or NFC identifiers used in the transportation of personnel. By means of a Smartphone the passengers authorized to board the bus make themselves known.


OnBus is a complete platform which works perfectly in conjunction with all the RedGPS Solutions. Your customer will not only be able to manage dispatch and assignments, but will also be able to grade the driving habits and behavior of the driver, have access to a platform in order to program and administrate the maintenance of the units, convert your Smartphones into GPS devices, and much more.


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