Cold Chain

From temperature control sensors to asset certification our solution for the cold chain is the most comprehensive of the entire industry.
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Ensuring the Cold Chain 

There are goods and products that must be kept refrigerated or frozen without suffering any changes in the temperature such as medicine, vaccines,or perishable foods. 

This solution helps your customers ensure the integrity and quality of the refrigerated cargoes by verifying that the temperatures are adequate from the moment of loading at the door of the provider until the point of sale or final user.  


Offers tools to work with large supermarket chains

sensors and devices

Certifies the Functioning of Devices and Sensors


Perfectly integrated with all RedGPS solutions and tools

Refrigerated Cargo Certification 

When a refrigerated cargo leaves a warehouse or arrives to its destination, the customer company can download a certification from the platform with its logotype in order to check whether or not the conditions at that moment inside the "reefer" were optimum. 

Both you as well as your customers define the rules and standards that the cargo must be subjected to. If the ranges of the sensors reporting at that moment are not complied with, the platform rejects the certification.


Thus, the platform ensures that the temperatures and sensors do not surpass the parameters and thresholds that the stores or warehouses set to receive the cargo.

Sensor verification 

Your customers, in real time, can detect any temperature variation that could endanger the cargo by sending information from the sensors to the platform. 

By so doing the fleet companies can guarantee their customers that the temperature is adequate enough to ensure the quality of the goods.


Certification Rules 

Customers and providers can define more than 70 conditioning rules which must be fulfilled for the issuance of the certificate. Among them: the temperature of the sensors, humidity, door openings, jamming, decoupling of semi-trailers, and more. 

If the necessary conditions are validated by the platform, the asset can initiate its trip. By so doing your customer can check whether or not incidents occurred and if the cargo is suitable.


Minimizes Risks 

The cold chain implies complexity and high investment in infrastructure, and specialization that your customer wants to guarantee and protect. Now in the platform your customers have a key solution to minimize this risk. 


Implement a Business Approach 

Your customer,as a fleet company, can propose a service offer which integrates with the necessities of its contractors, offering this solution together with others of great added value that would assure them more contracts like the ADAS/DSM systems, fuel control, orders and delivery logistics, and more.

Efficiency and Complete Traceability 

This solution is part of our GPS White Label IoT Tracking platform which is why the cold supply chain is becoming more efficient, making the products more visible during their transport, and guarantee "Just In Time" deliveries in order to avoid inventory problems. 


Applicable in All Situations 

The asset certificates can be used for any other industry or application where your customers want to give certainty regarding the quality and safety of their service. 

Moreover, the certificate that you issue as a distributor can be used to obtain insurance and comply with other administrative requirements.

Solutions that Offer Confidence 

Transportation is the element in the cold chain with the highest risk due to all the factors which can affect the integrity of the products and merchandise; offer this solution to your customers who work with supermarket chains or pharmaceutical and food suppliers and give them the opportunity to compete in more industries and do more business. 

Remember that when you contract OnTracking your customers will have access to all of our White Label IoT Ecosystem which means you can offer tools and solutions like OnDriving or fuel control that complement your service offer. 

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