Who We Are?

More than 10 years dedicated to GPS Tracking and Security

Unlike other companies, RedGPS is considered to be one of the leading companies in Latin America working with a white label business vertical tracking and telemetry of assets platform.

We are convinced that the success of our projects is not due to the talented individuals that comprise RedGPS, but rather the team spirit that we have been able to achieve over the course of 10 years, during which we have developed an ecosystem of solutions in the Cloud and mobile applications used to monitor and optimize the management of over 150,000 assets in Latin America and Europe.

Our vision, mission, and principles guide our work. Every day and in each decision, we remember and are inspired to strive to be the best we can as providers of technology for our customers, Partners,and our entire community.


Our Team


Fernando Perez Maier
CRO y Co-Founder


Patricio Sampaulo
CTO y Co-Founder



Cintia Aradi Pazos
Customer Service Manager


Flavio Dominguez
Business Development Manager



Salvador Orozco
Operations Manager


Our key service concepts

"We are the kind of people who take care of your success, driven by innovation and the profound conviction that necessities must be resolved from the root."


We support and help GPS tracking companies to evolve towards IoT through cloud services, customized after-sales support and professional services, to make them competitive and innovative.


We aspire to become one of the world leaders in IoT. We work to make our RedGPS community an ecosystem of innovative and dynamic platforms ready to face changes and always give value to all our interested parties: employees, customers, partners, investors, community.


Our Principles

Mesa de trabajo 18-100-2Innovate and Solve

We are passionate about innovating and solving the world's needs related to security, logistics processes and locating assets. By designing software, cloud services and integrating new technologies, we build long-term relationships based on trust and service to contribute to the success and happiness of our community.

OnTrcking-Leads---Icono-rastreo-herramientasServing and Listening

We pride ourselves in always listening to the customers and serving them in a personalized way, with phone calls or video conferences, which we consider essential for providing the best human attention possible and also to nurture value from their needs.


Team and Professional Ethics

We are convinced that by working as a team, stimulating creativity, autonomy and empathy, we bring out the best in ourselves, we manage to connect and better understand the perspectives and needs of the people to whom our solutions are directed always with respect.

OnTrcking-Leads---Icono-IoTExperience and Contribution

Working at RedGPS and with RedGPS is a life, companionship and growth experience. We are proud of the contribution to society made by the solutions we create.

OnTrcking-Leads---Icono-backofficeResponsibility, Empathy and Loyalty

We know the business, priorities and challenges of a GPS Tracking company, we are aware of the responsibility of each of the members of the service chain. For that reason we work understanding their needs, particularities and respect each one of our customers and partners, by being loyal and fair with each of them.


We love the energy and creativity we feel when starting a project, and we recognize that this unique chemistry of intention, aspiration and people coming together with a common goal is the fuel for long-term success. Therefore we strive to make every day like the first, with a high level of energy, focus, great listening, and a can-do attitude.


We have a growth mentality, where we are constantly looking for new ideas and new business verticals related to IoT in order to give our customers the possibility of opening new business units and grow in new market niches related to Security and Logistics.

Nuestra historia

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