SMS Gateway

Sending SMS commands and alerts from the platform.

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A gateway for your platform

The SMS Gateway is an application that helps to send text messages (SMS) from the platform, which works as a bridge between RedGPS and the cell phone from which the commands are sent.

Mesa de trabajo 8-100-3Available for Android

Mesa de trabajo 9-100-1Alerts and commands

Mesa de trabajo 10-100-1Massive SMS sending



Sending commands

Through SMS Gateway you can send commands to your devices without having to do it manually; the time saving is significant, plus you won't have to hire an additional service to send SMS messages!

Take advantage of this application, which other platforms charge for, for free in RedGPS and give an added value to your customers.


Bulk configuration

Configure GPS trackers remotely and massively through sending commands from a smartphone, your technical team will no longer have to program them one by one!


Sending alerts

In addition to sending commands and text messages, SMS Gateway also allows you to send alerts via SMS from the platform, being able to configure the cellular numbers of your operators or your clients.

This is a very useful function because of the practicality and immediacy it represents in receiving alerts!

Security and performance

Through a username and password provided by our team, you will be able to access the application with all the security and support of our platform.

The SMS Gateway takes care of the performance of the platform and the associated equipment, so that if for any reason the commands are not sent and remain pending, they can be deleted.


Start using it! Ask your Account manager for the application. If you are not a customer yet, we invite you to request a free Demo and our business development team will give you all the information and help you need.

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