Keeps an organized record of the documents that form part of the administration of a fleet; it also includes alerts about upcoming documentation expirations and /or due dates.  

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The Documentation of the Fleet on the Platform 

The large fleets generate much information which must be organized. OnDocs is a system designed to manage and warn about documentation expiration integrated into our white label IoT ecosystem which helps your customers to keep a well organized control of the documents that form part of the administration of a fleet, thereby saving time and assuring that no detail is lost.


All the information organized and backed up on the Cloud. 


Consult dates and tasks on only one screen.


If your customers work in Columbia, they won’t need third party software anymore. 

No More Paper! Totally on the Cloud

All the information that your customers had on paper, or scattered among spreadsheets regarding vehicle registrations, drivers’ licenses, will now be found concentrated in the same place backed up on the Cloud, available from any device with Internet access with one on one support 24/7. 


From OnDocs your customers will be able to administrate and arrange the validity period of the documents of their fleet such as: drivers’ licenses, mandatory insurance of the units, register of members’ data, man-age vehicle verification, and even infractions. 

Calendar View 

With a calendar style view, to be on top of eveything and have control of all the information and expiration dates is an easy task. 

Your customers can view and filter all the infractions, verifications and other types of validity periods of the documents of the fleet, as well as program alerts.



Software Savings 

With OnDocs it is no longer necessary to contract third party software, which doesn’t offer tracking nor other solutions that add value to your commercial proposal. 

Being totally integrated into our ecosystem makes it possible for this tool to be used together with other solutions like OnBus, OnDriving, or OnTire all of which are indispensable for a fleet. 

NO MORE third party services 

With the integration of FUEC into OnDocs, you can offer this service to your customers within the platform. Furthermore, the FUEC module is constantly updated in order to comply with the legislation in force. 

Rapid Access to Maintenance  

OnDocs is perfectly integrated with OnTool, our platform for maintenance management. From OnDocs your customers can also program services and view their dates on the calendar. 

It is the best way to do all the management of a fleet with the ability to create reports and schedule alerts.


Configuration of Alerts 

OnDocs allows you to configure alerts which notify when a license, a fine, an insurance policy, or other documents are about to expire and thereby assure that the administration of the fleet is adequately handled. 
Your customer selects the recipients of the alerts who will receive them by email or on the platform.

Offers Integral Services 

With OnDocs you also put the benefits of being part of an IoT ecosystem with the best tracking solution offer of the continent at the disposal of your customers for grading the behavior of the driver, programming the dispatch of buses, monitoring sensors, video vigilance and video evidence in the case of unforeseeable events, plus many more solutions. 

If you have a tracking company, or are about to set up a business use RedGPS as a platform. Would you like to know why RedGPS is your best ally? We invite you to see our portfolio of solutions.

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