Video Verification



Video Streaming and Storage in the Cloud

Video Verification 

This video solution enables one to act in the face of incidents in real time; detecting and in many cases preventing problems before they appear. Our platform enables the detection of IoT or events and automatically triggers a video recording action. It functions with static as well as mobile cameras inside the vehicles or buses. 


Some functions 

Automatic Video Verification.
Video Surveillance.
Video Verification with CCTV.
Video Analysis.
Access Control.


New Incorporated Devices 

We are working on the integration of several DVRs. The platform already supports brands such as HOWEN, HIKVISION, and DAHUA. We will be uploading the models to our web soon. 

Previously it was possible to connect the following types of devices:
- GPS Trackers
- Smartphones by means of the RedGPS Tracker APP
- IoT Devices through RedJoin

Now we have incorporated:
- Fixed DVR / NVR.
- Mobile DVRs.
- Raspberry Pi CAM.

Up to now 3G and 4G equipment have been successfully tested in several LATAM countries. Both band widths are good, although the quality of the video is better in 4G. 


Streaming in Real Time 

The video can be seen in real time which is called Real Time Streaming. The option exists to record for as long as one desires from one or various cameras. Video can be captured in the same way not only with fixed DVR, but also with mobiles and soon with Smartphones. RedGPS allows each customer to select the quality with which it wants to work with its DVR (configured from the DVR). It is important that you understand that the higher the quality of the video, the more space the disc requires to store the video. 


Record On Demand 

The platform allows the operators to record (per time, or on demand) with the camera of their choice and subsequently store the video on the platform. The history of the recordings can be consulted at the request of the customer. It is worth mentioning that regardless of what RedGPS stores, the MDVR stores all the videos / audios / photos internally, which means that RedGPS could also function as a backup. 


Per Event Recordings 

The main advantages of incorporating the DVRs with RedGPS (beside video transmission) is the possibility of incorporating the Events - Video that can be configured so that when any event occurs a number of previously configured minutes are kept. For example, when leaving a geofence a 10 minute video is kept. 


Video Backup 

The MDVR can be configured to store the videos according to each device (as it always records, when it detects movement, when it is moving, etc.) Nevertheless, RedGPS will not have all these videos; only the ones requested by the customers, or configured events which means it does not substitute the MDVR software, but is rather a complement. 


Dvr + OnBus

The mobile DVRs function integrated into the OnBus platform which is already integrated into RedGPS. Therefore, RedGPS + OnBus + Video Verification is the ideal solution for the business vertical of Buses.



Rapid Decision Making
Efficient Monitoring
Video Storage on the Cloud
Video Analysis together with an Alert


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