A platform covering order management and intelligent logistics of the last mile with automatic optimization of routes, inventory handling, and a dedicated application for deliverymen.  

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Transform your business into a management and logistics company

OnDelivery is the most complete white label platform to manage intelligently all the logistics related to deliveries, orders, customer  records, vehicles and inventories. It is a robust solution which incorporates the best tools; and better yet is a part of the IoT ecosystem of RedGPS.


Automatic optimization of orders and routes


Management of fixed and mobile inventories



App for deliverymen with order pick up

OnDelivery enables you and your company (be it GPS tracking, fleet management or any other sector that you might want to integrate a new vertical into your services) to take part in the outstanding business opportunities that last-mile delivery represents and access to a trending market with enormous potential; a market which is expanding more and more each day thanks to the increase in e-commerce. 

You can also contract OnDelivery in combination with the other RedGPS platforms, or separately. 


Logistics and the intelligent optimization of the last-mile 

The delivery of products during the last mile is one of the most expensive processes for the companies; it is estimated that this stage represents from 30% to 75% of the total logistics expenses, for this reason it is fundamental to optimize all the order delivery process and at the same time render a pleasant experience. 

OnDeliver uses algorithms to create the most efficient route and optimize all the logistics that goes into a delivery in line with the number of orders; calculating the capacity of each available vehicle, the travel time, and the volume and weight of each article with follow-up and monitoring of the vehicles in real time thereby saving costs and time with only a few clicks.

OnDelivery---InfograpfyThe automatic optimization of routes is one of the main features of OnDelivery in that it assures your customers that the delivery and distribution process will be carried out with the greatest efficiency.

Order Management 

OnDelivery has a dashboard where the operators enjoy rapid access to essential information arranged on panels which includes: the programmed deliveries of the day, the number of orders already delivered, the status of each delivery, the available vehicles and those already on a run, as well as the customer registers. 

The interactive graphics give them the information that they need by simply placing the mouse pointer on it.

1 Dashboard

Inventory and Warehouse Management

OnDelivery manages inventories in physical warehouses as well as mobile ones ( when the same delivery vehicles carry stock for direct retail sales) by means of their own mobile App.  

This allows for an exact, well detailed control of the inventories with the information classified by product, cost, weight, code, quantity in stock without any limit to the warehouses nor products registry.


Google Maps and Waze

The driver can choose which mapping to use when tracing the route to the destinations; whether it be Google Maps whose use we are all familiar with since it is such a popular tool, or Waze for those whose traffic analysis is essential.  


App for deliverymen with order pick up 

OnDelivery has an app that shows the deliverymen the best route to take in order to make the deliveries on time. By means of the application, the deliverymen scan the QR codes that the customer receives to verify whether the package has been delivered, or indicate if the person or address were not found.

One of the most valued features is that through the App the operator can raise orders at the same delivery point and leave extra merchandise at that same moment, or program its distribution; generating the cost of the product and deducting the products from the inventory.  



This makes the OnDelivery App an excellent sales tool for your customers by expediting management and logistics of the orders; ideal for delivering and supplying convenience stores and warehouses.

Notifications and Order Tags 

The OnDelivery platform generates Tags for each order with all the information related to the package and in addition creates a QR code which is sent to the recipient in order to verify the delivery through the App which sends status reports both to the platform as well as to the email of the final customer. 

The control system assures that the orders are received by the right person.


Reports on Departures 

The report on departures gives your customer all the information that has entered OnDelivery, such as deliveries per customer, the cost of the merchandise, weight and volume, dates, assets, and more. 
It is a configurable report that can be consulted on the web or downloaded and sent whenever you need it. Remember that your customers also have access to other reports which will help them to improve their logistic process, whether it be grading the behavior of the deliverymen, or analyzing fuel consumption, among others. 

Go Beyond the Limits of Your Industry 

Expand your portfolio of solutions and boost your business. Take your business beyond where it is today by offering OnDelivery to all the companies that deliver any kind of goods, and offer them a customized platform with their own brand identity in order to optimize their deliveries and automatically program the best route. 


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