Programming and route tracings previously planned time schedule and tolerances with progress averages and automatic forwarding of commands to the GPS device. 

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Programming routes is easier now 

OnRouting facilitates the planning of the routes and the dispatch of the assets. Developed and designed to adapt to all types of industries, it belongs to the white label IoT ecosystem of RedGPS which means it is perfectly integrated with all our solutions which grants it a high added value.

planeación de rutas

Planning routes with defined itineraries and time schedules

rutas en proceso

Consults the routes underway and the progress of each one

comando automatico

Automatic forwarding of commands for each point on the route

Creating and programming routes 

With OnRouting the operator can create and program routes, define transit points like localities, or geofences, the departure and arrival schedule for each point, the tolerance, when each route ends or is re-peated and also keep a record which would permit the routes to be browsed and consulted graphically.  

You can also create routes with QR codes that drivers must verify through their AppTracker at each point where the codes have been placed, and add additional validations by GPS when a point or stop has been made.

Routes in process

The operator can consult the routes in progress with the percentage of progress and the effectiveness of each one in real time, know at which points of the route the asset is, as well as identify with colors if the driver is doing the route in the established order or not.



Route reports

Information is worth more when it is organized. The Route Report shows the arrivals at each location, delays, status, events, stops, and route order.

Reports can be programmed to be sent automatically via email in XLS or PDF formats. 


Focus your attention on what matters most

OnRouting allows operators generate alerts to have full control of the asset enroute as it goes through locations or stops, so they won't miss any details when an asset completes each waypoint, ends the route or if it goes off the scheduled route.


AppTracker for drivers

The AppTracker is the application that accompanies drivers at each point of their route. In the app, they can see the routes that they have programmed, their schedule, status by color with the percentage of progress of each one, and verify the control points of the routes with QR codes.

They can also receive and send signed forms and reports from the app, and request help through the panic button if something unforeseen happens, or even request a tow truck or close the cash door by pressing a button from the app. The possibilities you can offer your customers are endless. Learn more about the AppTracker here.


Drivers can also check in and check out at the start of their workday, and the start of their break time. In many countries it is mandatory to comply with certain hours of driving for a certain number of hours of rest. In addition, each driver will have their own username and password to access OnRouting from the AppTracker.

Routing with photo verification

Routing with photo verification or photo evidence is a variant of the automatic commands that enable the operator to send an order to the equipment to shoot images when an asset passes by a specific point on the route.

The photographs remain associated to that specific point to be consulted through the route history or report.


Automatic Commands

OnRouting has functions that enable the operator to configure the forwarding of commands to the GPS device when the asset passes by a specific point on the route.

At the moment of tracing it the operator selects a desired command, for example: activate the opening or the closing of doors and safes when entering or leaving a place or geofence.

It is a very useful function for providing control and security to your customers, avoiding bad practices, or minimizing possible risks.

Solutions that offer confidence

RedGPS also develops dispatch and fleet control applications using mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, according to the needs of each project and client. Remember that you can always contact your Account manager or our consultants to discuss your project and work together.

OnRouting is a powerful and versatile solution for all companies that work with a fleet of assets, whether they be freight trucks, passenger buses, delivery vehicles, armored vehicles to transport valuables, and even bicycles or skateboards, with all the support and tools of our white label IoT ecosystem.

If your customer needs more freedom at the moment of defining routes, or doesn't have them planned, we recommend OnRoad, our solution for free routing.

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