Driver Behavior


Measuring and grading driving habits is possible today!

OnDriving of RedGPS enables your customers to verify the behavior of the driver and obtain accurate readings for each run carried out by each asset, and by each group of assets. With an intuitive platform your customers will be able to have easily interpretable information on the spot. .



On a general panel your customers will be able to see asset or fleet averages divided by categories and colors in order to easily identify which category had a low performance. By means of date and fleet filters historic grading can be established. 


Gradable Caregories 

Each category to be graded has a customization section so that the grade of the driver can be customized by your customers where they can give a grade and also a level of importance suitable for each configuration. 
The Categories are:


This refers to the maximum speed limit that the asset can reach before his grade begins to fall.



Any event received on the platform from GPS devices or sensors could be a factor contemplated in grading the drivers. Example: Sudden acceleration, or braking, disconnecting the battery etc.



Any alert generated on the platform could also be a factor to be taken into consideration for grading. Example: time of arrival to a place, outside the geofence, detained asset, etc.


Idling Time

The time the drivers spend with the engine running and velocity "zero" (IDLING) will also impact on their grade. As is the case in all the categories, the time can be customized in line with the necessities of the customer.


Ecological Driving 

This category allows to specify the maximum speed a vehicle can reach, but limited to a specified percentage of that route; i.e. the vehicle must maintain a speed slower than 60 kilometers per hour, but can travel at that speed for 10% of the run. Points can be subtracted from the driver's score if he fails to comply.


Constant Velocity

This point allows us to establish a range of speeds within which the asset must drive during most of the trip. Should the driver not comply, his percentage is lowered and as a result points are deducted.


Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) 

This section allows us to see the score depending on the range limit of the RPM. This will reveal whether the driver exceeded a parameter and which was the limit reached.


Gear Shifting 

Allows you to know in which gear the driver was driving and whether or not he shifted gears according to the RPM or engine load previosly configured. It will establish a percentage within which the driver must remain in order to obtain a favorable rating.


Fuel Consumption

Allows to report on the consumption per trip in order to determine ////


Notifications for the Drivers 

Your customer can configure this category so that the driver receives the rating of the trip on his App in real time, as well as specific information concerning his run such as: 
General Grade
Distance Travelled
Date and hour of the initiation / end
Duration of the trip
Details of the Grade by categories
All of this data from the mobile App.


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