Facilitates asset tracking by creating video walls on different screens or monitors.

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Multiple asset monitoring

For any security-related activity, monitoring many assets at the same time is critical. OnWall is a solution that allows multiple asset tracking on one or multiple split-screen monitors; it is the best way to keep track of the targets that you or your clients need to track.

OnWall - Division screenScreen division per asset

OnWall - ultimo punto activoLast points per asset

OnWall - Recorrido activoRoutes for each asset



Focuses attention on what is most important

It is common for a security or tracking company to have several assets to monitor, and in these cases, keeping an eye on each one is vital.

With OnWall, operators or security inspectors can focus their attention on the events and alerts of the most important assets, while monitoring them individually.


Monitoring Center

OnWall is seamlessly integrated with OnAlert, the RedGPS Monitoring Center. With both platforms your customers will have a strong security solution, complemented with tools for video surveillance and video evidence, panic button and streaming from the cell phone, and much more.

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Captura OnWall 2

Points for each route

Operators can consult the routes of each asset they are tracking and select the number of points it has passed during its route, with its orientation.

OnWall also indicates the level of traffic in real time on the main routes and streets in the area so that the path followed by each asset can be better planned.

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