A monitoring center for your company or your customers equipped with defined procedures and commands in case of unforeseen situations. A versatile and robust solution for tracking companies, security operations and government agencies. 

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A Platform for Monitoring and Control

With OnAlert you can offer mirror monitoring services and centralize the events and alerts of the fleets of all your customers, or else give them a platform with which they can set up their own monitoring center for their security guards or assets. It is a versatile and powerful solution, ideal for fleets and security companies.

It is part of the white label IoT ecosystem of RedGPS which means it is perfectly integrated with all of our other solutions, with the added benefit that it can be connected to the local police forces and security institutions.  


Set up your own monitoring center


Outsourcing Mirror Monitoring


Dashboard with the status of each incident 

This solution was envisioned to integrate and complement our other solutions oriented towards security in order to give our Partners the possibility of proposing business projects in new verticals using the same computer equipment they already posses together with the latest GPS Tracking technology without the necessity of investing in new hardware.

Furthermore, since the solution is totally in the Cloud, the operators can work from only one site, or access the monitoring panel remotely from any web browser and not be tied to nor limited by the hardware.

Incident Records

OnAlert keeps the history of each alert received, the status of each event and the actions taken by the operator until the closing of the case, for future analysis. 

In this way your customer will have a record of everything that occurred from the beginning of the day to its end, as well as the tasks carried out by the operators who participated in the closing of each incident.


Direct Access to OnWall

Through OnAlert you can access immediately to OnWall, a solution that divides the display in order to carry out multiple follow-ups of several assets on one or various monitors. 

This is the best way to be on top of the objectives that you or your customers must track, in addition to help focusing attention on the alarms and events of the assets selected.


Double Authentication and Security 

Access to OnAlert has double authentication and administration sessions, which comply with international security standards, so that only authorized users may enter whether on-site or remotely. 

In addition, the data received enjoy the same level of support as all the platform with over 99.9% availability.


The Ability to See and Track Everything 

OnAlert enables the operator to monitor and track everything; from traditional assets such as passenger buses, freight trucks, or armored trucks for transporting valuables, boats, bicycles, skateboards, smartphones, even persons at risk or vulnerable. In brief, the operators can carry out a precise follow-up on any trackable object from only one control center. 

The total integration with the platform also makes it possible to view information from sensors and other types of devices, as well as additional information such as OBD and CANBUS. 

Forwarding of Commands 

In the case of an alarm, OnAlert suggests to the operator a list of previously defined commands to be forwarded, with only one click, to the GPS device installed in the asset. These commands can be: Turn Off the engine, Open or Close the doors, or any other command that your customers require in order to act rapidly in the face of unforeseen events or concrete situations.


Programming Alerts

OnAlert can be programmed to receive alerts and notifications of the events that your customers need to be on top of. This solution emits a sound that can be customized for each event and doesn't stop until the operator confirms the alarm and begins to attend to the incident. 
In addition, by activating the spoken Alert function, the system can be configured to speak and relate all the information related to each alert.

Applicable to an endless number of situations 

With OnAlert you can also create a procedure for each customer and for each type of event or alert which enables the operator to rapidly execute the necessary actions previously defined in a protocol for timely intervention. 


OnAlert is used by our Partners in many countries. It gives them the possibility of offering a centralized monitoring system to their customers installed in their own computer equipment without having to invest in any specialized infrastructure.

In addition, your customers will have all the tools and applications which make RedGPS the most complete IoT ecosystem. We recommend that you visit our Portfolio of Solutions.

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