A Tracking and fleet management platform to grow your business. Personalized and scalable oriented to loT.

White label software used by tracking partners worldwide.


Become a GPS Tracking provider

RedGPS is much more than just a platform provider, we are a strategic partner who supports your company from day to day with a crafted technical support 24/7. A software factory at your disposal with which you can develop custom made solutions tailored to the specific needs of your customers together with the most complete loT ecosystem of the industry. With RedGPS your company reaches further!

GPS Tracking, alerts and real time notifications

Asset localization and telemetry are the cornerstones of RedGPS' entire ecosystem. Our more tha 950 supported devices ensure that your project start up will be fast and easy. You can always guarantee the information regarding each of your customers' vehicles in real time with alerts and notifications which help them to automatize their business by using RedGPS solutions for each industry.

Reports and personalized information

Your company will have all the reports that fleets require today (for example: routing and dispatch, maintenances, fuel efficiency, hours of use, and much more). In addition, it is possible to program the reports so that they are compiled at the right moment and are sent in various formats to the correponding party.

By using our APIs, you can also channel data and reports to any other platform or external system.

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Bus Dispatch

OnBus allows your company to automatically schedule and assign buses to each route. Control, monitor, and optimize the distribution and dispatch system of the bus companies as well as rating each driver. It functions together with a mobile application for the route supervisor and another application for the driver of the bus.

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Fleet Security and Monitoring

Renders mirror monitoring of the fleets with RedGPS' own monitoring center. Maintain your vehicles, freight and drivers safe by means of real time alerts and notifications. Administer the incidents and obtain all the traceability and reports of each event for future audits.


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Driver Behavior

OnDriving analyzes the driving habits of the drivers and it rates them according to the categories which your customer is interested in, with a personalizable scoring system in order to be able to adjust it to each type of fleet and all types of GPS/ IoT hardware.

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Fleet Maintenance

OnTool is our platform to manage and administer preventive or corrective maintenance. Your customers can forget about mechanic shops, providers, invoices, budget controls, issuing service orders, and the necessity of controlling and dealing with document due dates; furthermore with the personalizable notifications your customers will be kept up to date with each aspect of their fleets. This platform has been designed to work in line with the date, the distances covered, or the number of hours of engine use.

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Video Verification

Video verification enables your company and your customers to do video streaming in real time and store the video in the Cloud. You can program the recording, or the activation of the cameras of an asset based on an event or an alert generated in the platform. It supports fixed DVRs, mobiles, dash cams, raspberry cams, and many others. Have all your events and alerts Video Verified! 

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Scalable Platform

We made our platform scalable so that your business can be scalable too! You can incorporate all the assets that you want. There is no limit.

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Why RedGPS?

Fuel Efficiency Control

In RedGPS your company has one of the best solutions to analyze and control the full traceability of the fuel consumed by the vehicles during their runs. We are able to manage the consumption by route, detect illegal fillings, adulterated fuel and in addition detect and prevent fuel theft.

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Mobile Applications

With AppMobile the operators and those carrying out the monitoring tasks are able to consult the asset panel, know their location on the map,send commands, see the places and the runs with all the stops and events, configure geofences, receive alerts and much more all from any place.

Our AppTracker converts any Smartphone into a GPS tracker. It allows you to track people, send and receive forms, or do streaming in case of emergencies; in addition it has a panic button and together with OnPatrol controls the security rounds verifying the inspection points.

Service Providers

We are specialists in rendering services to GPS tracking and security companies.

We position ourselves as a technological partner whose main concern is the growth of all our allies. We guarantee the best attention to our customers by granting them technical support of the highest level; one on one every day of the year, as well as an Account manager responsible for your account allowing you to request improvements and developments in order to achieve custom made solutions for your company's customers. Together with a state of the arts IoT ecosystem, you will have everything you need fot your GPS tracking business. Your company will always offer services with its own brand, its own equipment, and its own connectivity. We provide the Platform.

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Flexible with API support

You can create your own developments or mobile applications in order to deliver the best solution to your customers. Our development team can also make WebServices connections to send information to other platforms.


RedGPS complies with quality standards. We guarantee the availability of service under contract. We are currently working with an SLA (Service Level Agreement) of +99% of the year.