Order management and smart logistics platform, with manual or automated scheduling and route optimization, customer registration, vehicles and much more. Robust mobile app for drivers and seamless compatibility with the entire RedGPS ecosystem.

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White label

Both the platform and the app are fully customizable with your company logo, colors and brand identity.


Smart logistics

OnDelivery injects intelligence into the logistics process and reduces human error, providing 100% visibility and complete traceability of deliveries.


Route optimization

Reduce delivery times by up to 30% thanks to our route optimization algorithm, ensuring great customer experiences.  


Inventory management

OnDelivery automates management both for physical and mobile inventories, replacing manual records.


Drivers app

Drivers and delivery collaborators app with complete information: orders to be delivered, routing, delivery verification and more.


Order taking

Through the app, drivers can take orders and deliver them immediately when in front of the customer or schedule them for a later delivery.

OnDelivery is a solid value proposition that integrates seamlessly with other RedGPS solutions such as fuel control, theft detection, illegal loads and abnormal consumption levels, resulting in tangible cost savings.

If you choose OnDelivery you can also count on OnDriver, which allows your customer to analyze driving styles of your drivers, correcting bad habits, improving their service and making their delivery process even more efficient.

Your customers can also benefit of the most valued security tools in the industry, such as video surveillance and video evidence during the delivery process, and a monitoring center for units that deliver high-value goods.

With OnDelivery your business opportunities grow because now you can be part of the industry with the highest growth in the last year with a strong offer, thanks to the support of the entire RedGPS white label ecosystem.

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With OnDelivery my company grew because it allowed us to reach new customers outside of GPS tracking, with a solution for an industry we didn’t have something to offer to before. Especially here in Panama, where companies and businesses are making more and more deliveries than ever.

Xavier Mejía

Satelital Technology, inc.

OnDelivery Testimonial